Friday, June 7, 2013

Ta-Ta For Now, SFMOMA!

Mabel and I joined the fray on Sunday to hang around inside the SFMOMA on its very last afternoon open to the public until 2016. I showed her the long line to get into the building and told her we didn't have to wait in it if she didn't want to, but she was excited to join the queue (clearly a true San Francisco child, gearing up for two-hour long brunch waits and so forth). I'd intimated that we would have a farewell slice of Mondrian Cake which, alas turned out not to be possible, but we still had a grand time wandering about, saying bye-bye to our favorite paintings (mine is the Rothko above, hers are the room full of Clyfford Stills and the big pink and red Andy Warhol faces), rubbing shoulders with what seemed like half the town, and marveling one last time over the central atrium and staircase (which, rumor has it, may or may not still be in place when the vastly expanded museum reopens in three years--though I very much hope rumor in this case is wrong as the stairway is fantastically beautiful and grand and its absence really would be a sad loss for the city). We both sure had a lot of fun.

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