Friday, June 21, 2013

Dance Girl

This week Mabel has been doing her first-ever thing entirely away from her parents (or grandparents)--a week-long dance camp several hours each morning. What we did not realize until the last minute (or actually a bit after the last minute, if the truth be known) is that for this camp she would need to own and wear what she refers to as Dance Girl Clothes. So Monday while she was dancing in her own little dress and pants, Bill scooted off to the very traditional dance clothes shop to buy her the above get-up. Of course that evening we had to try it all on, and she was enchanted, as were we. I managed to catch the above photo while she was lost in a moment of abstraction, and I do love it so. As an astute Instagram commenter pointed out, she seems to be channeling something of the spirit of Dega's girls:

Mabel has a previous history of unintentionally emulating the Old Masters so I suppose it should come as no surprise, but nevertheless it did stop me in my tracks a bit. We were both quite fascinated by the whole experience. Since we don't really go in that much for the whole girly girl thing, this week of ballet has been a bit like a touristical venture to an exotic locale.

The Cabinet will be going on summer vacation hiatus for the next couple of weeks. See you in July!

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