Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Next Installment in the Ongoing Poem Series About the Winter of 2006

February 10, 2006
For one reason and another

I ended up sitting
and waiting for a train
for about fifteen minutes last night
on the platform in front of SF State
just as the stars were coming out

I put on my glasses to see them better
and counted them
eighteen all together
eleven in the vicinity of Orion
over in the rightmost corner of my piece of sky
and seven others scattered
around the rest of the expanse

And the thing about these stars

other than the fact that
come to think of it
they were the first ones I’ve seen in ages

was that they twinkled

They actually did
What always seemed before
to be more or less just a figure of speech
was really happening

And then too
there were billions of other stars
that I could somehow almost see
But only out of the corner of my eye
when I tried to take them out of the peripheral
they disappeared
But when I focused on a bright star
there they were
faint as faint yet clearly present
everywhere else

An almost solid wash
I sometimes thought
of the faintest white light

source for image (which by the way looks nothing like that night in 06) is here

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